Authentic German Food

  • When it comes to authentic and delicious German food, no Oktoberfest has better offerings than you'll find at the Paulaner Oktoberfest at Oaks Park! Each food vendor comes from right here in the northwest, and are proud to bring their Bavarian specialties to you, many using family recipes passed down for generations! Try a little of everything - sausage, schnitzel, traditional sandwiches, pretzels, and much more! Just make sure you save room for dessert!



    Deutsche Desserts
    Eis Hutte
    Gotta Have Coffee
    Little Red Wagon Sweets
    Moondrops Nuts
    Schnitzel Haus
    The Scandinavian Cafe
    Urban German Grill
    Wrap Around Town

Purchasing Food & Beverages


    Each scrip costs $6. One scrip = one beverage. Scrip is the only form of payment accepted at the Oktoberfest bars. Scrip is available in the Main Festhalle and at the north entrance of the Oktoberfest venue.  Food vendors, Oaks Park's ticket booths, the roller skating rink, and Oktoberfest craft vendors do not accept scrip. Scrip is non-refundable.


    Major credit cards are accepted for Oaks Park attractions, ​for Oktoberfest scrip, ​at the Oaks Park midway food stands, and by many of our craft vendors and food vendors; inquire at each vendor as to accepted payment methods.  Credit cards are not accepted at the Oktoberfest bars; credit card guests may purchase scrip to make their beverage purchases. 

  • CASH

    Cash may be used to make purchases at the Oktoberfest food vendors, craft vendors, ​to purchase Oktoberfest scrip, at the ​Oaks Park midway food stands, and for Oaks Park attractions.  Cash is not accepted at the Oktoberfest bars.  ATMs are located near the main entrance and in the roller skating rink.


Wine Selections

  • Erath Pinot Gris
    1 scrip ($6)

    Washington Hills Riesling
    1 scrip ($6)

    House Wine Red Blend
    1 scrip ($6)